The first thing that drew my eye on the Casita Escapes blog was the label, Green Camping.

I had already done some of these things,  and some of my solutions are different, but oh my gosh, these rules for the most part hit me right between the eyes.

I shudder to admit how many times I break this one, maybe intending it to be only a few seconds, but those seconds grow longer:


Mind you, Mr Sam’sChick points this out to me. I guess it’s true. A prophet is never appreciated in his own neighborhood. I needed somebody new to point it out to me. Or maybe just present it in such simply and unavoidable terms that I couldn’t dodge it!

Different people handle coffee in different ways. The Casita Escapes folks recommend “pouring boiling water into a filter with coffee grounds placed in a  regular electric coffee maker basket and let the coffee drain into a thermos to keep it hot.” This eliminates cleaning coffeemakers which saves water, and also keeps coffee hot for hours, so you don’t have to make more or heat up the old.

Since I drink a cup at a time, and usually only one a day, for me that’s overkill. Instead, I use a ceramic drip coffee filter  with a paper filter. The paper and coffee can go straight into the compost, or the coffee straight into the garden. At worst, if it gets thrown in the trash, perhaps it will help break down the less environmental things around it? One can hope.

His tea and my coffee, one cup at a time.

And while the Casita Escapes folks recommend wiping down your dishes with a paper towel before washing them? We have dogs who enjoy taking care of that step!

We’ve also used the baking soda and vinegar ‘potions’ for various things at home, but haven’t done so when camping. Time for that to change!

What are some of your green practices while camping?