Sort of. It began with a color–green. I decided that since the interior of our T@B was neutral-ish but had a touch of green in it, and I love green, I’d simply buy things that were that green. It’s not hard. It’s a popular green right now. But that led to pillows that were patterned green and white, which I am not positive look good with the weird pattern on our fabric. But I like it.


But the T@B really came into her own when I noticed the set of trays that I’d had for a couple of years, that also had that green in them, along with other colors. And I started using them to carry things in and out between house and T@B. And finally left one out here all the time, and used it to add other colors.

The green soap dispenser was white plastic when I bought it. I painted it that green. And against the tray? Very nice.

The tray led to dishes in those colors.I even buy dish soap in those colors. The microfiber drying mat was bought when I was sticking to green and white patterns. IMG_3053But hey, it’s all good, right?

The color scheme now has orange and red and yellow. Very  bright and cheerful. I love it. I love bright colors.

I still stick to that green for as many things as possible, largely because it’s easy to find. We even have a great aluminum roll-top table that shade of green. So, no glamping here. No frills everywhere, or painting everything in sight, or recovering everything, or showing off collections of cute stuff I love. I am too lazy to keep up with all that.

So the question becomes… did the galley give me the color scheme? Or did I choose it when I chose that green, and then figured out that I already had stuff in my kitchen that was that shade? Or did the plastic trays give me the scheme?

I’ll still claim it was the galley, because it wasn’t until I saw that tray stacked beside the sink that everything came together.

But you could also say my muse has been tempting me with those colors ever since I was attracted to that cheap set of trays a few years ago, even though they didn’t go with anything had at the time.

Besides. Bright colors!


*Keep It Simple, Sweetie!