Our problem with youtube and T@B info is that we overwhelmingly found Little Guy and RV dealers giving guided tours. This is fascinating once or twice, but it can become overwhelming. When you first look for a T@B camping trailer you’ll find so many options, and sometimes the various youtube tours muddle together until you’re more confused than informed..

I’ll leave that up to you to work out. [Yes, I’m very helpful that way.]

What I am sharing here go beyond the initial walk-through demonstrations. These are useful links from owners who have put a lot of work into sharing how they use and/or upgrade their T@Bs.

Dutchman T@B, Copyright PunkToad on Flicker, click for original

One of the most confusing issues you’ll find if you’re new to T@Bs is that there are so many different varieties, even though they are all essentially the same! The original T@Bs, made by Dutchman, had no wetbaths, for example. They have more wood in their construction. They are beloved and still in great demand, in no small part because so many of them are in lovely colors.

Richard Lewis is the original guru of all things early-T@B and many upgrades. Many of the things he designed ended up incorporated into later T@Bs. He has a collection of videos for you. He also wrote a great book for T@B-owners, which is available for download to read on Kindle or a Kindle-app. If you have a Dutchman T@B you’ll want this book. A lot of his tips are great for any T@B.

Sometime in 2010 Little Guy took over the T@B line, and changes have continued. To the best of my knowledge, this is when the wood framing and flooring joists and subfloors were replaced with aluminum and other materials that are impervious to rot. The interiors didn’t change substantially, but they keep bringing in new modifications and options. For example, a wetbath is now an option.

Also, they will do any custom color you want! So if you don’t want the standard offerings that you can find on a dealer’s lot, you can special order. And Little Guy has its own youtube channel where you can watch those walk-through guides. Pay attention to when they were posted so you’ll know which year you’re watching.

Now, returning to T@B-owners who love to share the love… talk about Extreme T@B Makeover! This guy bought it, gutted it, added a fireplace and sofa and… well, you’ll have to see for yourself on his two-parter. The beginning and the results! He includes some really cool ideas for any T@B in the second video.

And finally, Jenn Grover has a fabulous blog that demonstrates all things technical, and a small but growing list of videos, such as how to get your television audio to play through your stereo speakers, assuming you have the Jensen units that are a T@B option. She’s constantly updating, so expect this rich resource to become even more valuable.

As for us? I have been most fascinated by “stuff” and how people store it. How they use their limited inside space. We’ll be posting our own videos from time to time, as well!


*Keep It Simple, Sweetie!