green table Beavers Bend
T@Bbing while KISS*ing does not have to mean being  spartan without a luxury or two!

As we’ve read forum discussions and pored over shared images, we’ve seen some amazing T@B setups. Some T@B floor plans don’t have the wetbath ours has, and they have more counter space and storage. People take microwaves and/or toaster ovens with them. They have their favorite coffee-makers and even decorative items.

Outside they have various tents, awnings, and setups.

In addition, we’ve attended some teardrop group meetups and seen elaborate outdoor arrangements. One included a large metal pagoda with awning, standing propane grill, fire pit, two seating arrangements, and more! It was awesome. Sitting out by the lake with their teardrop to sleep in looked like ultimate luxury in the outdoors.

But as I looked at it, I thought of all the work involved. The bed of their big pickup was filled with all the extras they brought with them when they camped. Awesome, yes. Work, oh yes.

And that’s what we knew from the beginning we wanted to avoid.

Our reason for getting a teardrop was to make camping simpler. Instead of a major endeavor each time we struck out, we wanted the ability to go on the spur of the moment.

Keeping it simple will obviously vary from one person to the next. Keeping it simple shouldn’t feel like sacrifice. If having a countertop icemaker is vital to your comfort and enjoyment in the heat of the summer, by golly, you should should find a way to take it along. (We have!)

But perhaps by sharing some of our false starts and ultimate successes, we can help you find your own way to T@B (or use any other trailer or RV) delight!


*Keep It Simple, Sweetie!