About those videos

Youtube is the best place to research. People show you how “easy” something is and you get to say, “That’s my style!” or, “Not easy enough.”

As we said, pop-ups seemed to be more involved than we’d anticipated. And just as we came to that conclusion, we discovered this video, and teardrops.

It was perfect! It was everything we wanted!

That took us to Little Guys, and we almost bought a Silver Shadow. We would have been happy with one. But we kept thinking ahead a few years, and how a toilet might end up making a big difference in our comfort.

And that’s what led us to a T@B!

The Little Guy products are made amazingly well. We have seen many other campers of similar size, and larger, as well. While each has its strengths, the T@B is solid, extremely well designed, and ultimately superior by our estimation. There will be more specifics about them in later posts.

But most important–after a couple of years of monitoring the T@B forum on the Little Guy website and the T@B Facebook page that isn’t affiliated with the manufacturer, we’ve seen that Little Guy stands behind their products and gives amazing customer service.

Also, fellow T@Bbers are a community of support and friendship with advice at the ready any time you have a question, whether you’re just beginning to look or have owned your T@B for years.

So join us as we take off on our T@B journeys, doing our best to KISS* all the way!


*Keep It Simple, Sweetie!