We are new T@B owners, and we entered this adventure in small living with one mantra–keep it simple!


We tent-camped for over thirty years and loved it. We looked at people in RVs as those kind of people.

You know the kind… the people who sit inside their Winnebago and watch their campfire through the window. [Yes, true story.] The people who can’t leave civilization behind and take DVD players, icemakers and microwaves with them in that house they drive down the road. Those people who don’t know what it’s like to be outdoors, because to them outdoors is what they step out into every morning.

Those kind of people have never heard the night sounds in the mountains, or experienced a windstorm in a tent. Their idea of outside is only one degree wilder than those who consider a Holiday Inn ‘roughing it.’

And then one morning we woke up and knew that our days of lugging tents and the paraphernalia that goes with them [sleeping bags, dishes, pots and pans, queensize, self-inflating airmattress <– we tented, but that doesn’t mean we slept on the hard, cold ground!–Coleman stove, coolers, boxes of food and cooking equipment] to camp. Our time for tent-camping came to a screeching halt.

Except we are still the same people we always were. We weren’t looking for a house to park in the state and national parks. We still wanted to spend our time outside. But we wanted a bed that didn’t make our backs hurt, and all of our gear stowed and ready so if we decided to go somewhere, all we had to do was get in the car and go.

We started off thinking we wanted a pop-up trailer. The pop-up would give us the best of both worlds. We’d still be outdoors with a tent over our heads, but off the ground with all of our camping gear there. Years ago I watched with envy as a neighbor came home from each camping trip, laundered her sheets and towels, ran her dishes through the dishwasher, and packed everything into the pop-up so that next trip, all they had to do was hitch up and go.

I love youtube.

That is not the nonsequitor that it might appear to be.

We only had to watch two or three youtube videos to see that putting up a pop-up trailer wasn’t as easy as putting up a pop-up awning! [Note: pop-up awnings are supposed to be very fast and easy to put up, almost like an umbrella. We don’t know because we don’t have one yet. Our KISS* philosophy in action.]

We might be turning into those kind of people, but we were doing it on our own terms.

We kept looking.

*Keep It Simple, Sweetie!